Safe Anaesthesia 

At the Yoogali Veterinary Centre we pride ourselves on conducting safe general anaesthetics according to strict globally recognised standards of care.

Why choose us for your pet's general anaesthetic?

1. We undertake a full pre-anaesthetic physical examination the day of intended anaesthetic/surgery.

2. We offer a full range of screening tests to ensure your animal is fit to undertake an anaesthetic at any given time. 

3. We always place intravenous catheter to ensure we can always give life-saving medications in the extremely rare case of a cardiac arrest.

4. We maintain a large clinical team so we can mobilise a qualified response team to ensure we can deliver emergency care effectively.

5. We use our state-of-the-art patient warming devices and monitoring equipment including electrocardiogram, blood pressure monitoring, temperature detection, pulse oximetry and end-tidal carbon dioxide concentration to ensure any changes outside expected can be reversed quickly.

6. We maintain supplies of specialist drugs, including naloxone to reverse components of the anaesthetic and dobutamine in the case of a low blood pressure event.

7. We offer surgical intravenous fluid therapy and operate fluid therapy protocols designed by Board Certified Critical Care Veterinary Diplomats.

8. We have trained our staff to recognise and implement effective CPR measures in the case of an adverse anaesthetic effect 

9. We recover you pet in a safe, calm environment with ongoing direct supervision until they are fully recovered.

10. Most importantly, we take general anaesthetic very seriously. We understand how stressful it is to leave your animals at the Hospital to undergo anaesthesia. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or speak to us regarding your pets' treatment, we know it can be overwhelming and are here to help  


Pictured is Lola and Marli